Installation / Removal Guide

• Installing Spirafix ground anchors is extremely easy and can be conveyed by one single word "Impact"
• It is important to use a protective hammer cap when installing, it preserves the life of the anchor and keeps it from any damage (find the correct size on chart below)
• Whilst installing it is important to keep the hammer cap flush with the collar (don't drive on one side)
• Installation can be carried out manually or mechanically with any of the following -

Lump hammer
Sledge hammer
Slide hammer
Petrol post driver
Hydraulic post driver
Heavy machinery

• When installing through rock/tarmac/concrete it is necessary to drill a hole half the diameter of the anchor (eg 50mm anchor = 25mm hole)
• Call on 01633 890 910 to discuss your project

Spirafix anchor : hammer cap

30mm anchors = SA491
40mm anchors = SA492
50mm anchors = SA493
75mm anchors = SA669


75mm Spirafix Installation and Removal


• Match the anchor size to the removal tool on the chart below
• Simply counter rotate anchor using adjustable wrench until fully removed
• Pack away ready for next install

Spirafix anchor : removal tool size

30mm anchors = 19mm Hex head
40mm anchors = 22mm Hex head
50mm anchors = 28mm Hex head
75mm anchors = 42mm Hex head


Easy removal of Spirafix Ground Anchor

Spirafix Ground Anchors - designed for ease of use

We have designed and manufactured our range of ground anchors since 2002 (as Spirafix Limited) and they are specifically designed to be easy for you to use.

Easy to install
Easy to transport
Easy to remove if required
Easy to store
Easy to use time and again
Impact in
Drive down into position on their own helix (twist themselves)

Items Needed for Installing 30mm and 40mm Diameter Spirafix Ground Anchors

Please ensure that the location where these are to be used is free from any services to avoid injury or damage. If in any doubt, please contact Spirafix Limited directly on 01633 890 910.

The general method of installing Spirafix anchors is to drive them in with a hammer. This applies to each of the three head types. A heavy hammer (approx 1kg to 2kgs) is best suited for this as it has sufficient momentum, even when travelling slowly, to drive the anchor into the ground. You may come across small tree roots, bricks, stones and other obstacles that will stop the progress of the anchor. If this is the case, then a few heavier blows of the hammer will usually do the trick.

We strongly recommend you protect the anchor head with one of our hammer caps as this ensures the anchors are reusable and easy to remove should that be required.
If you do not purchase a hammer cap then please use a block of soft wood or similar. For the single hole B type anchor we suggest you thread some bar through the hole prior to installation which should protect the hole dimensions.

Installation / Removal Guide

Our range of hammer caps is recommended for all Spirafix installations.
The hammer caps protect the anchor head which is particularly important if you have purchased threaded head anchors or if you intend to reuse your Spirafix.

Please order the following hammer caps according to anchor size -
30mm - SA491
40mm - SA492
50mm - SA493
75mm - SA669

Spirafix 30mm & 40mm Diameter AC Type Anchor Bolted Installation (Brackets SA425 & SA428)

Installation / Removal Guide

Spirafix B Type Ground Anchor Installation & Uses

Installation / Removal Guide

Spirafix B Type Ground Anchor Anchor With Locking Bar

Installation / Removal Guide

Anchors Spirafix AC & C Type Ground Anchor Through Slot Method

Installation / Removal Guide

Spirafix AC & C Type Ground Anchor Tethering Method

The tethering brackets for Spirafix anchors (both the bolted and through slot types) have been set at 60°. The reason for this is that the optimum angle for attaching a rope, strap etc. is between 15° and 45° to the centreline of the anchor. If the rope is attached at an angle of less than 45° to the horizontal, with the anchor vertical, then it will be pulled sideways through the soil. If this angle is greater than 75° then there is a possibility that the anchor will attempt to unwind itself out of the ground without rupturing the soil. It is better to keep the angle of the rope to within the green band shown on the diagrams below. If a flatter angle is needed then tilt the anchor as shown below.

Installation / Removal Guide

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